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10 reasons why you need a website for your business

Jake Sully loved another version of himself so much, he became it entirely.

No one expects for your business to be like the “Avatar” protagonist in becoming another version of it – a website of your business – entirely.

However, it would be good to have a dual identity.

Ninety-seven percent of consumers search for products and services online, according to The Score Association, a nonprofit organization of small business mentors and counselors backed by the U.S. Small Business Administration. And 97% of small businesses would recommend to other small businesses to have a website, according to a survey by Verisign, a provider of domain name registry services.

It seems clear that having a website for your business would be a great idea, if you don’t have one. A business website can help capture leads, increase sales, and provide social proof.

Below are 10 reasons why having a business website would be a smart investment.

1. It builds credibility

Eighty-four percent of U.S. internet consumers and small businesses view a business with a website to be more credible than one that just has a social media page, according to the Verisign survey.

“What is the name of your website?”
“Can I look at your website?”
“Please share the link to your website!”

If you get these statements, is it a good thing if you don’t have a website? We are in a new era, where having an online presence is necessary to avoid stagnancy in business.

2. It’s a virtual marketplace

Your business website is an online version of your brand. You can publish information about your products and services on your website that can win you customers. You can also provide the latest updates regarding product offers and discounts.

A customer-focused, well-designed website optimized for search engines promises higher engagement from visitors.

3. It could attract more leads

Sixty-eight percent of websites’ traffic started with a search engine, begin with search engines, according to SEO company BrightEdge. Thus, without a website for search engines to find and recommend to users seeking products and services like yours, you are probably missing out on opportunities.

To stay ahead in today’s competitive world, your business likely must have an SEO-friendly website that shows up at the top of pages with search engine results.

With a website with a good search engine ranking, your business may not struggle to gain leads.

4. It can provide ‘round-the-clock availability

Since your business website can be available always, your potential customers can access the information you put on the website at any time!

Since people are searching for products and services 24/7, it’s fantastic that your website can be a 24-hour virtual store with information on everything your business has to offer.

5. It can offer social proof

Posting the best testimonials you receive for your services on your business website is an effective way to build trust. If customers give nods of confidence in and approval of the business, others may very well come to believe that they will be well-served, also.

6. It can provide easy connectivity

Your customers and visitors could find your contact information on the website, such as your email address(es), your phone number(s), and the address(es) of your location(s). Thus, business websites offer the opportunity for anyone to easily connect with your brand.

You also encourage folks to give you the opportunity to warm them to the business’ services more if they feel welcome to contact you due to easily accessible contact information.

You could also use the website to publicize achievements by your business. It’s yet another way you can communicate with potential and returning customers.

7. It can help you appeal to the visitors

A blog section on your website can help visitors feel more connected to you if you tell stories there about your experiences relating to your work, offering the humanity you share with the visitors. You can also share knowledge and offer advice on subjects that have to do with your products and services.

8. It can allow you to answer FAQs for the masses, saving you time

You could save yourself a lot of time by posting detailed answers to the frequently asked questions people ask about your products and services. Website visitors may appreciate the knowledge you would provide them through your answers.

9. It is a low investment

Creating a website hasn’t only become easy, but is affordable as well. Providing third-party tools, many platforms make it easier than in the past for you to build and manage websites. From affordable hosting plans to easy-to-implement website templates, everything you need to create the website is just a few clicks away, at reasonable rates.

10. Websites are an asset

Your business website doesn’t need to include all the bells and whistles it could have. All it needs is a user-friendly interface and elements like high-quality content (including text, photos and videos). We also highly recommend that the website be embedded with the best keywords possible so search engines can much more easily find it.

Bottom Line: Building a website for your business is critical for its success. Are you planning to get a website designed for your business? Get in touch with us today to get a quote!