Ecology Center

Ecology Center

Without The Digital Marketing Agency & Consulting Company LLC, an organization helping the planet wouldn’t have had a salsa festival – or its first concert overall.

The Ecology Center in Berkeley, Calif, wouldn’t have had a salsa festival in 2019 – or its first concert overall – without Mike Galindo and The Digital Marketing Agency & Consulting Company LLC, the business he founded and leads.

That’s because when Cynthia Murdough, the event program coordinator at the center, asked Mike for help with the festival, she wanted the agency to do it all: consult about the event, create the event, arrange a band, work with images, market the event, get community support for the event and teach a class at the event – “everything having to do with marketing a salsa festival – and more – from start to finish,” Mike said.

That meant that the entire buyer’s journey – awareness, interest, consideration, conversion, and finally, retention – needed to happen through the efforts of The Digital Marketing Agency & Consulting Company LLC in just a month-and-a-half.

In those 44 days, the agency successfully convinced hundreds of people to participate in the August 10, 2019 event in Berkeley, hosted by the center and the City of Berkeley.

Having seen through Facebook that Mike runs various Latin dance events, Murdough knows that Mike both organizes and instructs on Latin dance and offers digital marketing services.

She also wanted the agency to reach the salsa community in the Bay Area. So Mike got “really targeted” with the marketing of the event. He targeted salsa dancers in the Bay Area. He targeted Facebook groups with salsa dancers. He did paid advertising. When reaching out to the salsa community, he asked its members to invite their contacts and share the event fliers. And generally, the agency got creative in its marketing efforts.

“I assisted with everything that I could since this was the first and largest public salsa festival I have ever co-hosted,” Mike said, noting that he even went onto KPFA, a radio show located in Berkeley, Calif, to talk about the festival.

The Digital Marketing Agency & Consulting Company LLC is proud to have helped an organization that cares so much about the planet through its recycling and other environmental efforts.

The Ecology Center is a nonprofit organization located in Berkeley, Calif; that focuses on improving urban residents’ health and environmental impacts. The Ecology Center addresses critical issues through a model of education, demonstration, replication, and advocacy.